The farm this year

The farm started it’s real activity from Q3/2018. See the video.

We were testing before with a couple of harvests to test the ground. All was positive.

Now we established electricity, water supply and irrigation system with sprinklers . All set and operational.

The pound had been cleaned, the well provides enough water and we can even put some fishes in the pound for aqua pony.

We had planted now 200 banana trees for growing revenue on short term, 100 coconut trees and fruits such as jackfruit, mango (50 trees), cranberries, cherries, Durian, some vegetables such as pumpkin, and much more.

We have to let the farm grow now and regularly taking care.

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#Tourism Authority of Thailand

#Chaire Unesco Alimentations du monde

Complete presentation online 


Due to several questions, a complete presentation including business planand direct donation link for funding is integrated on the webpage of the trucrure financing.

Suite à de nombreuses questions, une présentation financière du projet ainsi que les liens directs de donation / financement sont intégrés sur le site internet de la structure finançant le projet.

Planning du projet

Le projet prends petit à petit forme; le planing est le suivant:
-Mai 2017: levée des fonds. Sunset Lanna

– juin – août: création de TI, la structure financière qui supportera le projet sous forme de holding.

– Aout – Septembre: design et choix des fournisseurs pour la construction.

– Octobre – Décembre 2017: construction phase 1

– janvier 2018: inauguration et début de l’activité.